Organized by Top Serbian brands magazine, which exists for 18 years and is published once a year at the end of June, HBIS GROUP Serbia had the honor of winning the prestigious Corporate Brand Metals Award. For the fifth consecutive year for the previous calendar year in the 55 major categories solely according to the votes of Serbian citizens, and based on an independent and objective poll conducted at the end of February this year, the best brands were selected in a random sample of a large number of adult citizens in 16 major cities. The main criteria for the award winners are: brand awareness, top quality, consumer satisfaction, excellence in business, business results. For our company, HBIS Serbia, this is an important recognition because it is awarded by the citizens, the consumers who are the most competent to recognize quality. This award came as a result of our commitment to the development of the domestic market and Serbian metal complex.



At this year's Best of Serbia 2017 campaign, organized for the 13th time by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce with the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, under the slogan "How to say BRAVO in Serbian", more than 150 brands were nominated, and 24 brands received the prestigious recognition. On the initiative of the Marketing and Planning sector we applied for the category of Best Exporter. The awards in the Best of Serbia campaign, since 2004, have brought about 340 winners in various categories, and since its inception, more than 1,850 brands have been nominated. This recognition has become a benchmark for success and market recognition in the Republic of Serbia. Organizers believe that this action raises the visibility of domestic brands. We received this award at a time when HBIS GROUP Serbia is marking its two-year anniversary of taking over the plant and is presenting another type of reward for all the hard work we have done to be better year after year. Acknowledgment “The best exporter” of the year in the category of large companies is very important to us and motivates us to continue with good results, to invest in our future and to be recognized both in the domestic and foreign markets.