Laboratory Department, consisting of two Departments, Department for chemical testing and the Department of mechanical-metallurgical testing, operates as a separate and fully independent Department in HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel llc Beograd.
Laboratories are accredited in accordance with standard SRPS  ISO / IEC 17025:2006 by the Accreditation Body of Serbia - ATS since 2014, and already for three years through regular surveillance audits by ATS confirms the competence to perform testing that were given to the Scope of accreditation.
It is accredited methods for physical and chemical testing of fuels and lubricants,  chemical analysis of metal and mechanical and metallographic testing of metallic materials.
By obtaining the certificate of accreditation, the Laboratory has confirmed that the activity of testing are carried out to meet the requirements of this International Standard SRPS  ISO/IEC 17025: 2006. It has established, implemented and maintains a management system in accordance with the area of ​​activity. The quality of the results of the performed testing documented through its  quality policy, systems, procedures, technical instructions and work instructions for quality management.
The laboratory department is able to assure their customers that the results of the performed testing are reliable and that the testing was performed in a competent manner. All equipment used in laboratories for testing is calibrated.
Confirmation of testing competence, Laboratory is achieved through impartial and independent evaluation, proving thereby that tasks are carried out in a professional manner and in accordance with the requirement of standards and with the continued improvement of their work.
Accreditation of Laboratory is the best way to measure the performances of laboratories, by which is establishing its better market position and allows the international recognition of technical competence.