Port (Smederevo)

The Port Department is comprised of two units – The Old and New Port, which is located downtown. The ports are fully equipped and HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel d.o.o. uses them to unload raw materials delivered by the Danube River, as well as for the loading of barges intended for river transportation of products to customers. The Old Port contains a closed warehouse with a surface of 420 square meters.

The New Port is located in the Smederevo – at the 1.111 kilometer of Danube's lenght, beside the M – 24 road, and the highway Beograd – Nis. Two gantries, (GANZ 16/27, 5 tons) which were installed in 2005, work in 24/7 working regime and reload the crude ore from barges into trucks. The trucks transport crude ore to the Plant warehouse. The current capacity of the New Port is 2.4 million tons.

The plan is to enlarge the capacity of the New Port in order to satisfy the increasing demands for crude ore.

Port (Smederevo)

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