HBIS GROUP Serbia –  Branch Kucevo  is located in Kaona, in Kucevo Municipality, which is 135 kilometers away from Belgrade and 80 kilometers away from Smederevo.
It is a part of Production Support Division.
Kucevo branch employs 65  workers in three units: production, maintenance and administration.

The core business of Kucevo is limestone exploitation and processing. The production is carried out in the quarry and in three plants: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. Most of the gross part of entire lime processing (limestone fines granulated at  0-4 mm and stone granulated at 20-70mm) is intended  for facilities in Smederevo.
Kucevo and its surroundings, the River Pek and its tributaries have been famous for their mineral resources ever since the Roman times, especially for precious metals – gold and silver. This is why the River Pek is known under the name "Golden River".



Kucevo branch

Tel. +381 12 852 930

Fax. +381 12 852 940