HBIS GROUP Serbia Iron & Steel  IIc Belgrade - Sabac branch produces tin-coated steel products used by customers in the packaging industry for food products, paints, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, cosmetics, and also for the production of aerosol bottles and crown caps.

The plant's tinplate production lines include continuous electrolytic tinning, edge trimming, tension leveling, cutting and packaging.

Sabac Tin Mill delivers tinplate material packed in bundles with maximum weight of 2,000 kg or in coils with maximum weight of 15,000 kg. This shipment packaging complies with all world standards and is suitable for land, river and overseas transportation.

Production processes ensure finished material in accordance with all world quality requirements. The responsibility of management and all employees of the enterprise are reflected through the perennial application of quality system as per the internationally recognized standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP.

Production capacity is gradually increasing, with utmost attention paid to quality and work safety, and starting from 2008, there are over 200,000 tons of tinplate produced per year.
The Sabac Plant has a process water preparation facility as well as one of the most modern facilities for purification of production effluents. As of April 2014 Sabac Branch has Integrated License (IPPC) for its facility, which is a commitment of our dedication to the protection of environment. 


Sabac branch

Tel. +381 15 352 677

Fax. +381 15 352 675